Top 5 London Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so I thought I’d collate some London date ideas!
*This post is not sponsored in any way, I just like these places!


1. The Shard/The View

Want an amazing view of London to share with your partner? The View at the Shard let’s you look out over the whole city, it’s particularly amazing at sunset. Honestly, it can get a bit crowded there so if you do go, pick a good time of day. The shard has 6 restaurants, so if you want more of a traditionally romantic date, why not skip the view and get straight to the expensive food.


2. Go to a Royal Park

All of the royal parks in London are free! And arguably some of the nicest parks I’ve been to. My favourite royal park is Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, the park has a boating lake, several cafes, an outdoor theatre, and more! Covering thousands of acres London’s royal parks provide a much needed bit of greenery and quiet in the city. Taking a romantic stroll and embracing nature can be amazingly refreshing for Valentine’s Day.


3. Fringe Theatre

Tons of people visit the theatre in London, but what they tend to do is see performances on the west end and leave it at that. London has over 100 theatres, most of which are fringe theatres! Seeing intriguing and though provoking plays doesn’t always have to break the bank. At fringe theatres you can often get last-minute tickets, as well as super cheap tickets or student discounts. If you’re into theatre, or just want a fun afternoon this can make a pretty fun date!


4. Museums – Greenwich

Museums are one of London’s main attractions, you can see everything from old af artwork to bloody huge telescopes! My favourite museums are the Royal Museums in Greenwich. Tucked away from the frantic streets of central London, Greenwich Observatory is surrounded by a picturesque village, trees, and a massive manor house (now the maritime museum) on its grounds. If you want a museum out-of-the-way then Greenwich can be a lovely day trip. Pro tip: The museum coffee shop is daylight robbery, so bring your own snacks!


5. A Meal

A seminal classic, just go for a meal! There are quite literally thousands of places to eat out in London, pick your cuisine then search online for a place to go. As V-day is often very popular you might find that a lot of places are booked out, but with so much to choose from a few phone calls and a spot of googling should find you in a nice restaurant in no time!


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