Top 5 Meditation Apps

Working meditation into your daily routine can be a bit of a struggle. Maintaining a regular meditation practice takes time and commitment, but with a bunch of apps meditation apps on the market that’s a whole lot easier.

This week I tried out a bunch of meditation and wellness apps to give you guys a rundown of what’s out there. Here’s my top five:


(Free, or £5.99-9.99)

Headspace is a guided meditation app that provides themed ‘packs’ of different meditations. My first impression of the app was how simple it is to use. With a few clicks you can begin the ‘basics’ introduction course to meditation on the app. Each meditation allows you to decided to length of your session and gives you a thorough guided session.

Branching out from the home page you can go to the ‘discover’ tab to find the right meditation for you. Headspace offers a wide range of meditations suiting all sorts of environments, emotional states, and time commitments. The app is extremely curated meaning that all of the meditations are made by the headspace team.

Headspace runs smoothly, has a unified design, and aims to provide a complete meditation package. The experience of the app is smooth and complete. The downsides of the app are that it’s not as customisable as others on the market, and focuses heavily on guided meditation.



(Free or £35 a year)

Calm is my favourite meditation app! It’s highly customisable, provides meditative masterclasses, music, and customisable soundscapes.

For me music is a really big part of meditation, in Calm you can choose from a variety of ambient background sounds or music to play during your meditation. In addition to that there’s an entire dedicated music area, so if you’re looking for your next virtual soundbath that’s a great place to start.

The app has great functionality for non-guided meditation also! It has a pretty cool customisable breathing
timer. If I’m looking to just do some breathwork or unguided meditation Calm is the app I go to.

Whilst the app does have a lot of meditations and mindfulness audio its still lagging behind the likes of Insight Timer in the amount it has to offer.



Insight Timer
(Free, with optional extras)

Insight timer is a community driven meditation app! It provides over 10,000 meditations, allows you to add and message friends, and is extremely customisable.

Unlike the other apps I’ve mentioned Insight Timer allows you to completely create your own meditations from scratch! You can choose the music, duration, any intervals, and the starting and ending bell. Each time you meditate on the app its logged on your profile. Profiles on insight timer are extremely social as the app itself is a social network. You can add and chat to friends, join groups, and invite people via email.

Like the other meditation apps courses of varying lengths are available and you can search for just about any meditation you can think of. If you’re looking to be more social with your meditation or are running out of content on the other apps Insight Timer is definitely the place to go.

One thing I will say about that app is that it can be confusing. Going from very self-contained apps Insight Timer has literally thousands of things to choose from. Meaning you’ll either find your perfect meditation, or you’ll be overwhelmed by choice.



(Free, or ???)

Aura is an AI-based meditation app. When you start the app you answer some questions about your emotional state, your experience with meditation, and what you’d like from the app. From your answers it gives you a guided meditation fitting what you need.

So the concept of Aura is cool…but it doesn’t work. The app feels unpolished and kind of broken. In my short time using it it crashed thrice and froze several times also. With everything that’s available regarding meditation apps I wouldn’t recommend Aura at the moment. I’ve decided to include it on this list however as the concept is great.

Without paying for extras the app only lets you listen to 3 minute meditations, and if you’re following the AI ‘correctly’ you can’t actually choose what meditation you listen to. There is however a discover page that lets you search for meditations. The app doesn’t allow for a choice of narrators and is far less customisable than other apps.

Aura is one to watch, if the AI improves and the app becomes more polished it could be a game-changer. I’ve not included the price for this app as I literally can’t find that information anywhere.



Sonus Island

(Free or £3.99)

Sonus Island is a pretty straight forward guided meditation app.

The app features differnet ‘locations’ you can visit around Sonus Island, each with its own soundscape and guided meditation. There are ten locations in total, however without paying you can only access two of them. The app features no customisation, and honestly feels a bit more like a game than a meditation app.

However, the soundscapes are absoleutly goregous. As for the guided meditation there’s only one narrator, whilst the meditations are fine they feel a bit forced. Instead of letting you come to your own conclusion of how you think it went the narrator does insist that you’re extremely refreshed and that basically she’s fixed your entire life.

That aside Sonus Island is a cute little wellness app. If you’re going to get it I’d just straight out buy it, otherwise you’ll be stuck with the same couple of meditations. When compared to the other apps on this list Sonus falls way behind on features, but if you’re looking for some quick meditation then it’s great for a short while!



If there are any more meditation apps you’d like me to review, or ones you’d suggest let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

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