Why I Love CBD Oil!


CBD oil has become a bit of a craze lately. With UK tabloids hyping it up to be a devilish cure-all and the wellness community forever gushing about it, I decided to try some.

For those who don’t know CBD (cannabidiol) oil comes from marijuana. The active ingredient can help you to manage with stress, stay focused, and has been know to help chronic pain in higher dosages. It doesn’t contain and THC so also can’t make you high. In the UK CBD oil is perfectly legal, however I know the legality of it elsewhere is varied.

Why CBD?

For years I’ve dealt with super high levels of anxiety and at times it really does overwhelm me. I’ve skipped job interviews, missed a ton of university and really just felt like crap due to it. Luckily my anxiety levels are now way lower than they were this time last year, but that’s not to say CBD can’t help me. I’m always thinking at 100mph it can be difficult to just sit, focus, and not over think. So that’s what led me to CBD!

After hearing about CBD on a ton of podcasts then checking out some articles on it, I decided to try it for myself! Unsure of which online retailers selling CBD were reputable I stuck with the over-priced classic, Holland and Barrett. They’re (apparently) the only health store in England to stock CBD, so I know they won’t be selling me fake stuff.


Does It Work?

The only CBD I’ve tried is the 2.75% Jacob Hooy CBD Oil, my first time using it I felt…nothing. Then I noticed I’d been using far too little, so I upped the dosage a lot. You take the drops under your tongue and hold then there for 1-2 minutes, it’s pretty simple really. Once it started to work I pretty quickly felt sleepy and very very calm. For the first time ever it was like my brain was just focusing on one thing, and I could think so clearly! This also massively helped with my insomnia, for weeks before taking the oil I had barely been sleeping. But once I’d taken it I honestly slept like a baby.


The Downsides?

One downside to the oil is that you constantly need to up the dosage. I finished the first 10ml bottle within a week, and at £9 (which was 50% sale price!) it’s very expensive. Once I’d finished the first bottle I then needed double the amount to feel any effects. Which either means buying it at a higher dosage, or just buying way more of the liquid. Both options are quite expensive!


Is It Worth It?

Yes and no. For helping with my anxiety and insomnia it was 100 percent worth it, I wish I knew about it earlier. However as my body became used to the CBD the effects would wear off a lot more quickly. It’s such an expensive oil to buy you really need to be sure you want to use it and have the extra cash. I bought another bottle but haven’t been using that very much at all. I need to take a ton to feel the effects so pretty much only use it for insomnia.


Overall I think CBD oil is truly brilliant. I’ve only ever tried one brand and percentage of CBD, but do hope to try others in the future. I’d recommend this to anyone struggling with anxiety or chronic pain and looking for something extra to help them out! That being said it can wear off quite quick and builds a tolerance. So I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone.

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