The Power of Decision Making

Decision making is the most important element in taking control of your life. If you work for yourself you have the final say in absolutely everything, from daily scheduling to your branding you’re in control of it all. There is such a big power behind decision making, and these tips will help you to make the absolute most of it!



What’s your end goal? Without an end goal you have no driving force behind all of your choices. Set yourself a goal, whether it’s for the month, year, or your overall aim. Once you’ve set the goal it’s important to keep it at the back of your mind. Before making decisions about your brand consider whether the outcome will help you to reach your goal. When every single one of your decisions is working towards your ultimate goal then it becomes clear what choices will help you.

A big hurdle people often have to overcome is not valuing their efforts. Devaluing yourself decision wise often comes in the form of making poor choices or picking the easy option. You and your brand are the product. People invest in your brand because they’re interested in your story, and if you devalue your story then you’ll be losing customers. Often this is because you don’t think your brand is worth taking risks for, so you hold yourself back and in the process turn away prime opportunities.


Sometimes you need extra help and that’s okay! If you’re not a coder but want to know whether to use HTML5 or XML on your blog, then the obvious choice is to ask for help. This goes for all sorts of things, whether it’s design or video editing asking for help from a professional helps to save you valuable time and can also give you more of an informed choice.

Taking Action

Opportunities come in the form of new choices to make. Making the same decisions again and again won’t help you! In order to drive further development you need to be constantly striving for moreThere are times when we all feel like our brand has stagnated, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up. It means it’s time to mix it up and make different choices.

Decisions are not always about playing it safe, sometimes taking risks is exactly what your brand needs. To run a successful business you need to think outside of the box and set yourself apart. The most successful people are willing to take big risks, by putting themselves out there they reap the benefits of those risks. If you consistently play it safe then try taking a risk!

Some people sit on their ideas for ages when there’s absolutely no need to. Nothing will ever be perfect, so sitting around waiting for the day when you’re finally ‘ready’ will get you no where. If your concept needs preparation and promo that’s fine, but you still need to launch your ideas! Holding back and letting your nerves get the best of you does nothing but hinder your progress. So stop worrying and just go for it!


By using the above methods you can vastly improve your decision making and start making the right choices for you brand. The key things to remember are to: set goals, take risks, and outsource help when needed. Do you have any pro tips for decision making? let me know in the comments!

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