Embracing The Unknown


The unknown is what keeps so many of us from connecting to our authentic self, the inner most part of our being that represents exactly who we are and what we crave. We’re too scared that our minds might be changed or expanded to even consider the possibility that we might be wrong. In prehistoric times that fear was there for a reason, wandering into random dark caves would get us killed. In the modern world embracing the unknown doesn’t have to be so scary or dangerous.

It just requires determination!

When I first discovered wellness I tried to distance myself from the ‘weird’ or ‘unscientific’ aspects of it. I’d always thought of myself as a rather pragmatic person, so suddenly being into meditation and listening to podcasts about crystals was a shock! But the more I listened and learned the more I wanted to explore wellness. My fear of the unknown was what stopped me from embracing wellness and all things woowoo for a long time. I never knew much about wellness so just kind of assumed it was all fake. Then I started manifesting and completely changed my outlook on life (more on this in a later post!).

Fear of the unknown is what happens when self-preservation meets self-sabotaging, it’s a natural human instinct. But in some of us it kicks in perhaps a bit too early. We coddle ourselves from all life has to offer out of fear of failure, fear that we’ll have yet another failed attempt. To truly thrive in life and develop yourself you need to overcome this fear. You need to train yourself to embrace the unknown rather than fear it. Welcome it into your life, after all you won’t progress much as a person if you shut down the opportunities life gives you.

I’m still at the start of my wellness journey and have so much further to go. If you’re like me then you have a disposition of wanting proof that things work. You need to try new things with an open mind in order to experience wellness. I’ve found wellness to be overwhelmingly beneficial to me- but if I never took that first step then I wouldn’t be here. When you start to feel sceptical take a break, centre yourself and focus on what you’re doing. It’s okay to be weary of the unknown, but you won’t get anything done avoiding it.

Rather than focusing on how something must not work because it’s strange and new, think about how it might work. All of these wellness techniques might really work for you, and wouldn’t that be great? If they don’t work then that’s fine, you just move on and try something else. Not everyone will be able to connect with everything, and that’s okay. Finding just one thing to improve your wellness and life is more than worth trying for.

If you’re at the very beginning of your journey then my best tips for you are to persevere and that you’ll know when something works for you. It will be a “Holy shit, this works!” moment, trust me. If you’re lost for a starting place then look for podcasts or videos. Podcasts such as Almost 30 and That’s So Retrograde have really helped to expand my mind on what’s out there in the word of wellness.


Have you struggled with embracing the unknown or being open to wellness? Let me know what helped you to overcome it!

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