Finding Artistic Inspiration


I’ve previously made a post about finding inspiration, however that was one of my earliest blog posts and could definitely do with some improvements. So in this post I’m going to go into more depth about exactly how I find my creative inspiration, and how you can too!


Surround Yourself With Beauty

Cityscapes, countryside, graffiti, water fountains, old statues. Everyone has varying views on what they deem to be beautiful, but whether you’re in a city on in the middle of nowhere you’re bound to find something. What I find beautiful and aesthetically pleasing often changes for me, but currently I’m enamoured with architecture and nature. The juxtapositions I can create and find between the two seems almost endless.

It doesn’t have to be complex or even ‘smart’ but just accepting and appreciating beauty enough to surround yourself with it will help you. Being stimulated by it will quickly bring on sparks of inspiration, even if they’re hard to see at first. In order to create art you need a muse, it’s different for everyone but we all have one. Go to somewhere you find beautiful, if you can’t think of somewhere specific go out and search for somewhere/something. 


Stylise Your Work

If there’s a particular genre or style of art that you’re leaning towards then stylise your work. I’m currently a big fan of art that looks and feels authentic and amateur. Not the sort of thing that you go to art school for and have classical training in. But the type of art people create because they need to create. It’s often messy, rushed, or full of emotion. I’m currently working on creating my art in this way. Spending less time on references and planning, but just creating out of emotion and using more ‘authentic’ mediums.

If you’re interested in a specific style then your best bet is to imitate and adapt it as much as possible. Learn to produce your own work in that style. At first it can even be recreating a work of someone else’s art of fucking course give them credit!, before you know it you’ll have found your own place within the genre. Taking inspiration from a specific style can seem so much less daunting than jumping into your work head-first!


Listen to Everything

Listen to music, tv, film, people’s conversations, the sounds of wildlife. Intake it all and filter out the things you don’t like. Weeks after having watched Call Me By Your Name I’ve still got the soundtrack in my head, and it’s still inspiring my artwork. Although it isn’t always as simple as finding the perfect soundtrack listening, really listening, can help you find inspiration. By ‘really listening’ I mean paying a huge amount of attention to what you’re listening to. If it’s a song focus on the lyrics, the beat, the layering of instruments, the tempo. Listen to the music in its entirety. Sounds can inspire you, trigger memories or create a scene in your head. Try listening to something new to find inspiration, it doesn’t just have to be music either.


Embrace Uncertainty

Don’t know exactly what you want to create? That’s okay. When I want to create a project but I’m not exactly sure what to do or how to do it I just go with the flow. One example for this is a youtube project I’m currently working on. It’s a short artistic film and I know I want to have a montage of clips in it- kind of like an old vhs video. That’s it. That’s my entire idea. I don’t really know what it’s about or if it’s narrative but that’s okay. I’m filming clips as I go, gathering inspiration and figuring it out as I work on it.

Embracing uncertainty and nervousness when it comes to your art will help you to keep developing your skills. Whilst taking breaks can be helpful, sometimes you just need to run with what you’ve got and develop your concept along the way.


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