Getting Started

So here goes!


Hiya, I’m M. I’m a 19 year old student living in London and I have a passion for a ton of things!

I’ve been considering blogging for years now but I could never settle on what to post about- I mean, there’s so many options. Do I go down the lifestyle route? fitness, film reviews, gaming, an anonymous yet deeply personal look into my sex life?

After a lot of time considering it I can confirm that I don’t quite fit into any of those categories. I love film and fashion, but I’m also kind of into gaming …and my sex life can be pretty great. 

So I’ve decided to just give it a go; I’ll be making posts about my hectic life and what I’m up to as I somehow try to build a career, have an active social life, and juggle occasionally ‘working out’ (doing a couple squats then giving up). So welcome, I hope you enjoy my blog and all that’s to come!

–  M

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