How to Find Inspiration

Inspiration isn’t always easy to come by, and sometimes it can feel totally impossible if you’ve got creative block. So here’s some tips to help you get inspired!



Recently I’ve gotten quite into mediation, and it really helps when I’m stuck for inspiration or am dealing with creative block. Just sitting, breathing, and being at peace with yourself can help to ground your thoughts and ideas. Often helping to inspire you or make your thoughts clearer.


Write it down

Not sure what you want to do, and stuck for inspiration? Just write it down. Write down all of your creative thoughts that come to you and eventually you’ll see some that you like. Then all you need to do is develop those ideas. Not every idea will be brilliant or even plausible, but write it all down anyway!


Look for it!

With the internet at your fingertips inspiration is quite literally a few seconds away, you just need to look for it. When I’m feeling stuck I like to watch YouTube videos from my favourite content creators or listen to music (I usually got for jazz). Seeing the finished products of other people’s inspiration often gives me the extra push, or spark of exactly what I needed to get started.


Mood board

If I’ve got the start of an idea but I’m not sure how to express it exactly I’ll begin to mood board it. Finding images, fabrics, video clips, literally anything that you fit your idea and putting it into a mood board is a real help. If you don’t want to do a physical mood board whipping a quick one up in photoshop or even paint is always an option.


Plan it out 

Already have an idea but not inspired enough to execute it? Plan it out in whatever way works best for you. For me this is sketching a storyboard if I’m working on a film, or just short notes if I’m writing. Plan it all out step by step outlining your total idea, then go back and fill in details. Once your plan is done you just need to flesh it out!


Just create!

Just do the thing! No inspiration or too stuck in your thoughts? Honestly, just start making something. You won’t know the outcome until you’re there! Maybe the thing you produce will be shit…but maybe it will be amazing, you’ve got to create to find out!


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