How to Konmari your closet

The KonMari Method

When looking for organisations techniques for my wildly messy closet I came across KonMari’s method and immediately loved the idea of it! The KonMari method of organisation is based around surrounding yourself with items that spark joy. Since I was looking to do some clearing out I figured why not give it a try? 



Organising clothes has always been difficult for me, I absolutely love to switch up my style and try out new looks, and if I limit myself to a few items that would be extremely difficult (or so I thought).

I started off by my taking all of my clothes out of my wardrobe and drawers, then put everything onto my bed and started sorting through it. With each item I’d think to myself “does this spark joy?”, for some old and unworn clothes it was a strong no- but others were more difficult to decide on. I sorted all of my clothes into piles such as crop tops, lounge wear, and staple items: everything I was unsure of ended up in the maybe pile!


Clothes piles


Letting go

Once I’d decided on the clothes I definitely wanted I began the somewhat emotional task of tackling the maybe pile! Despite the fact that many clothes in the pile had never been worn or hadn’t seen the light of day in well over a year I still kept thinking “well maybe I’ll wear it one day…”. Want to know how to deal with that?


L E T  G O!


Realistically I knew those clothes weren’t bringing me joy and I probably wouldn’t even wear them if I kept them, so it was time to say goodbye. That’s not to say a couple of items from the maybe pile weren’t salvaged though.


tidy draws




With my final to-keep pile I began organising exactly where my clothes were going to go. As I share a bedroom with my partner our storage space isn’t exactly brilliant. Previously I’d been using an IKEA clothing tree, however this meant we couldn’t close our wardrobe! So after chucking the tree (actually, I re-purposed it) I needed a new system.


My underwear, shorts, and skirts all fit into one drawer and with the help of a drawer divider (thank you IKEA) they were all very organised. Then came the staple shirts and crop tops, those were folded and put into the wardrobe. Above them I hung my cardigans, jumpers, and hoodies. Finally, the drawer at the bottom of the wardrobe was used to store my jeans, accessories, and lounge + sleepwear.


Final thoughts

Overall the KonMari method helped me massively! As someone who has always struggled with clothes storage having a method to sort everything, and help me with future purchases make everything seem way less daunting. It’s something I’d definitely recommend to anyone struggling to sort their clothes.



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