20 Life Changing Mantras


What Are Mantras?

A mantra is technically a word or phrase you repeat in meditation, but most people use it to talk about positive affirmations. Positive affirmations increase your confidence, brighten your outlook on life, and help you dispel negative blocks on your energy.


Do They Work?

When people used to talk to me about mantras I thought they were talking utter crap. The concept of ‘important’ quotes being used to inspire just seemed superficial to me…and then I realised I’d being using mantras daily. Yes, mantras do work! They can totally change your outlook on your self worth and life, just like they have for me.


‘Help, I Can’t Internalise Them!’

Want some advice? Positively affirming and believing in yourself is not stupid! You’re allowed to believe in yourself, and you’re allowed to want to feel better. Internalising mantras will become easy once you realise that actually being confident in yourself is a good thing. I say positive mantras to myself all the time, it’s not even something I have to consider anymore. Whenever I’m beginning to feel like crap or talk down to myself I catch myself in the action, and think a positive mantra. Here’s some of my favourite positive affirmations.



1. I am worthy of all I desire in life

2.  My traumas do not represent me

3. I am intelligent and capable

4. I’m not running out of time

5. I am not my insecurities

6. My ‘failures’ are just life lessons

7. I’m building my dream life

8. I only attract positive influences into my life

9. I’m deserving of love

10. My energy and frequency are overwhelmingly positive



11. I am beautiful on the inside and out

  12. I am allowed to say ‘no’ to others

  13. My biggest goals are completely achievable

  14. I’m open to all positive energies

  15. I am open to new, wonderful experiences

  16. I’m kind and caring towards others

  17. If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no

  18. My set backs are not permanent

  19. I will achieve everything I’m manifesting

  20. My motivation is fuelled by my unlimited belief in myself



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