Exploring your Love Languages

As I’ve previously talked about date ideas I thought it would be pretty helpful to talk about love languages too.
I first heard about love languages (popularised by Gary Chapman) a couple of years ago, but didn’t explore them until recently. It’s totally possible to be massively in love as a couple, but to feel unappreciated or sometimes unloved due to the fact that you each have different love languages.


Receiving Gifts

Having this love language means that you adore the thoughtfulness and time that goes into gifts. When someone doesn’t truly care about a gift they got you, or bought a gift last minute you may feel unloved or uncared for. If you know someone with this love language make sure to put a lot of thought into their gifts, or even surprise them with something.


Words of Affirmation

People showing their appreciation through compliments and words of encouragement has the biggest effect on you. Arguments or being talked down to can quiet easily make you upset if you communicate in this language. If your partner responds to words of affirmation then simply telling them how much you love and care for them can make their day!


Acts of Service

You express your love through serving others, this can be through simple things such as walking the dog, or something as extreme as a grand gesture! When someone breaks a promise or a commitment to you it can seriously affect you or make you upset. Helping someone with this love language out is a great way to show your love for them!



Physical Touch

Having this love language means that physical touch is important to you! Hugs, kisses, and holding hands are all ways that you give and receive love. Physical distance can be extremely difficult for you to deal with, especially in a long distance relationship. If your partner has this love language try touching them more, whether it’s a simple touch on the hand or shoulder!


Quality Time

Spending time with a loved one means the world to you! You want their undivided attention and to know that they’re enjoying your time together. Your partner being distracted or rushing your time together can make you feel underappreciated and frustrated. Showing affection to someone with this love language can be done by spending time together, such as a romantic date!


Understanding how your partner(s) communicate their love enables you not only to show your affection towards them, but to recognise more clearly when they’re being loving towards you. What’s your love language?

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