My Morning Routine

I’m the sort of person who gets the most done when following a routine. By making the same decisions every morning I’m always performing at my best and I’m as productive I can be. It’s taken me a while to get to a point where I’m completely happy with my morning routine, so deciding on yours make take some time too. Here’s what I do:

Wake Up & Make Bed

My first step is of course to wake up, I always try to get straight out of bed as that helps my overall motivation for the day. Once I’m out of bed I make the bed, turn on my daylight lamp to improve the atmosphere of the room, then open the window.

Bathe + brush teeth

Next step is to have a shower and brush my teeth. This one is pretty self explanatory! On days where I have more free time I usually get a bubble bath instead of a shower.


I love smoothies! Having one first thing usually staves me over until I get breakfast a bit later on. My main smoothie recipes is shown in the video above, but sometimes I’ll go for something more simple such as a classic banana milkshake. The main reason I started daily smoothies is just that they’re way better than water!

Meditation or Breathwork

Every morning I meditate, I alternate days of focusing on breathwork or just meditation. Often accompanied by a soundbath I clear my mind before the start of the day.


My breakfast routine is the main thing that stuck with me from my brief keto diet. I have a low carb breakfast consisting of bacon, mushrooms, and eggs. Depending on the amount of time I have I’ll either do bacon-wrapped mushrooms, or just leave the bacon on the side if I’m strapped for time!

To-do list

This is the only step I didn’t show in the video. Pretty much every morning I check my to-do list which I’ve written the night before. I write out pretty much every step of the day so in the morning I can cross out all of my routine steps. Having a reminder of my plan for the day helps me to focus on my goals, and any important decisions I need to make that day.


Once I’ve completed my morning routine I’m ready to have a productive day!

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