How To Recenter Your Life


Feeling flustered and out of place is something that we all experience! It can make you feel totally
out of control but it’s important to remember that you can recenter yourself.


My life has been a bit of a whirlwind over the past few months with breakups, new career focuses, moving house, and  making new friends it’s all gotten a bit hectic! However I’m now finally back at a place where I feel centered and ready to be productive. Here’s how you can get there too:



Spending all of your time worrying about when your life will be ‘together’ gets absolutely nothing done. Instead of wasting away your days stressing, try allotting time to just  r e l a x.

Without writing to-do lists, checking your phone, or  filling your days with ‘productive’ (but actually unhelpful) things. Personally I love to watch tv or listen to podcasts to unwind and  take my mind off of everything. This week
I’ve been binging This Is Us, and whilst the intricate plot-lines of the show might not be advancing my career they’re certainly helping me to feel happier.

Do whatever you need to feel relaxed, don’t worry, there’s no wrong way to go about this. Whether your pastime is trivial or deeply philosophical I’m sure we can all agree being relaxed is a key part of feeling


Refine Your Goals

If you’re like me then you’re the sort of person who always likes to be working towards something. Going too long without a project just makes you feel stagnant and lost. By refining your current goals, or creating new ones you can break out of that stagnant cycle. When doing this make sure to set both specific long-term and short-term goals. 

If you’re stuck for goals or don’t know what you want to work towards then start by writing a list of things you love to do. Once you have the list you can start looking into different areas that would allow you to do as many of those things you love as possible! If even that sounds daunting, then try finding some creative inspiration.

Remember, working towards your goals should be fun. If you’re consistently stressed about them then that’s most likely indicative of a change needed in your life, or that you need to change your goals to something better suited to you actual wants and needs.


Trust Yourself

Trust yourself. No seriously, trust yourself. You know yourself better than anyone else on this planet, and learning to trust your own intuition is an invaluable skill.

Being confident enough to trust that you actually have the ability to be centered and entirely happy in life
is most of the struggle. I’ve talked about this previously so won’t touch on it too much here. However what I
will expand on is intuition.

Everyone has their own innate intuition, but most people don’t listen to theirs. Have you ever been in a situation where the voice in your head was just screaming that something is a bad idea?…and then it was. That’s your intuition. 

The biggest step in grounding myself again has been listening to my intuition. Recently I’d been ignoring it a lot more than usual, let’s just say I ended up in some truly strange, and often bad, situations. Your intuition is one of the deepest parts of who you truly are. By listening to it, and deeply trusting and believing in yourself you’ll be feeling more centered in no time.


Don’t Overthink It

You don’t have to have it all figured out, in fact you can have nothing figured out and it would still be okay! Over-analysing your thoughts and actions to find ‘answers’ will most likely end with you more confused than when you started.

I’m a big overthinker. The type of overtaking where you lay in bed for hours just contemplating your thoughts. Here’s the thing: analysis is meant to lead to an actionable outcome. If you find yourself stuck in deep thought consider whether or not your thoughts are going to actually lead to any actions. If no, then stop. Just stop. Start thinking about something else and getting on with your day.

Now I know that sounds a lot easier said than done. Getting dragged back into over-analysing can be easy and
sometimes comforting. So yes, stopping that pattern can be difficult, but in the long run its worth it. Trust

Plus, if you spend all of your time thinking you won’t get anything fucking done!


Have Fun!

Hang out with friends, have a beach day, visit a park or a museum. Just have some fucking fun! Spending time having some serious fun can be a great reminder of just how wrapped up in our own lives we get. Sure feeling lost or uncentered sucks…you know what doesn’t suck? Your favourite hobby. Take a break from the stresses of your life by actually interacting with people you like. It will help!

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