An Experiment!

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Recently I discovered Yes Theory on youtube, they’re bunch of guys who make videos about saying yes to life’s weird and wonderful opportunities! Whilst I might not have people randomly asking me to go to Mexico with them, I do think embracing life’s opportunities will be good for me. 



For the next 7 days I’m going to say yes to opportunities that break my normal routine. Whether it’s being asked to hang out with friends or go on a wild trip, I’m going to say yes to it! To be quite honest, I’m terrified of this. I know I’ll enjoy myself once I start, but the concept of it is just…scary!

Part of the reason I’ve chosen to do this is that I say no. In fact I’m very confident in saying no, whilst that’s a great skill it also holds me back. Saying no to pretty much everything means that I build up a ton of anxiety about social events- not great! I’ve never been much of a partier or a big fan of socialising. But when people meet me they usually assume I’m an extrovert; I’m loud, confident, and unafraid to make new friends. That doesn’t mean I’m an extrovert. Socialising with lots of people drains me…a lot.



Now, maybe nothing exciting will happen, but in all honesty I really hope something great does happen. I want to experience so much more of life and I’m not all that sure where to start, so saying yes will be good for me. I’m not only going to be saying yes to opportunities I’m offered, but also to myself. I’ve planned to go to a super weird event tonight, but I’ll keep that a bit of a secret for now! This time next week I’ll have a post up detailing exactly what went on in my week and how it’s changed my outlook.

See you then!

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