Why I I Love Sound Bathing

Until last week I had absolutely no idea what sound bathing was…and now I’m obsessed with it! Bear with me here, this is all a bit woo-woo.


Wtf are sound baths?

Sound baths are sonic experiences in which you  b a t h e  in sound waves and their healing energy. In layman’s terms it’s when you listen to superrrr chill music that gets rid of any negative vibes. This is something you can experience just by listening to tracks online, or going to a session in person.


At first I thought this all sounded quite far fetched…but when I eventually went onto YouTube and searched for one. Each sound bath claims to have different effects such as clearing out negative energy or releasing inner conflict.


Why sound bathe?

I kid you not when I say this is literally the most relaxing thing ever. No matter how stressed I am it immediately calms me down, and clears my thoughts. I like to play soundbaths quite loud through speakers, rather than just off my phone as the sound is so much better when it fills a room.


Somehow I’ve gotten to the point when I’m listening to sound baths all the time: getting ready, in the bath, making food- it makes any experience so much more calm. I actually enjoy waking up in the morning now, because I know it means I can listen to a sound bath.


It’s probably worth mentioning here that sound bathing isn’t something I’ve done with others! But that is an option, there are plenty of yoga centres that offer communal sound bathing with live music. Many people suggest laying down when sound bathing and just relaxing, I’ve done this before and it does improve the experience….but sometimes I just want to be productive at the same time!




Why I love it!


1. It actually works. Despite being very woo-woo it actually works…or at least for me!

2. It’s free!! You can do it in the comfort of your own home for free

3. Nothing helps me more when I’m stressed. Purifying and positive sound baths massively help me to de-stress and chill.

4.It helps me to focus my mind. If I’m stuck for ideas or need some inspiration sound bathing often helps to give me ideas!


Now you know just how much I love sound bathing, why not give it a try? Here’s my favourite sound bath to get you started!

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