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Beauty and skincare products are something that I’m mildly obsessed with, so I’m going to give you the run-down of my current January beauty faves! All of these beauty products are affordable, and most are available in drugstores!

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1. Garnier Moisture Bomb – Revitalising mask

After recently discovering the blessing that is sheet masks I found the Moisture Bomb, it comes in several different scents and each has their own purpose, but my absolute favourite is the pomegranate revitalising mask. The mask contains half a bottle of serum literally always leaves my skin feeling flawless, smooth and hydrated. It’s super cooling for your skin and slightly tingly (in a good way). I try to fit in time every week to do at least one of these, it only takes 15 minutes and I’d definitely recommend it to someone who’s prone to dry skin!

 Price: £1.99 – 3.99





 2. Carmex Moisture Plus – Berry Lip Tint

Lip balm isn’t often something you see on beauty product lists but for me it’s a must-have, especially in winter. When I first found Carmex I was honestly blow away by how good it is, it’s super hydrating and lightweight, but also has a tint! I don’t go a day without wearing this product and absolutely love the shades it comes in (berry is my go-to). If you’re looking for a new lip balm or a subtle lip tint this is a must have and can even be worn over lipstick!

Price: £4.49






3. The Body Shop – Coconut Soap Bar

This soap is my holy grail! I’m someone who has SUPER sensitive skin and usually anything scented gives me a rash, particularly when it comes to soaps. But this always leaves me feeling fresh and smelling of coconut (a massive bonus). It’s SLS free but still lathers really well and is gentle on my skin.  I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the *only* soap that doesn’t irritate my skin, try it out! 

Price: £2.50





4. T-Zone – Charcoal & Bamboo peel off mask

This is the mask I always use to prep my skin for the Garnier moisture bomb, for only £4.99 it’s a massive bargain and works surprisingly well. I have combo skin, which means my face is practically an oil slick in my t-zone- it’s a nightmare! This mask helps to regulate skin shine and get rid of any blackheads! It does often take longer than advertised to dry, but that could be me just applying super thick layers. It’s a pretty great cheap, and effective peel-off mask for someone on a budget. 

Price: £4.99




5. The Body Shop – Aloe Soothing Body Butter

Another body shop fave! Their Aloe soothing body butter is formulated for sensitive skin and has majorly helped me to combat dry and irritated skin this winter. It smells and feels great on my skin, and blends in super well. Unlike tons of other body butters it doesn’t leave a gross film on your skin, and leaves you baby soft. The one downside of this product is that it is one of The Body Shops more expensive body butters, and at £15 you only get 200ml. Nonetheless it’s a great buy if you’re looking to try out a lightweight and refreshing moisturiser. 

Price: £14.99


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  1. That coconut soap bar from The Body Shop sounds really good and like something I’d love. I have sensitive skin as well and for me one of the only soaps I’ve found works for me is the Dove sensitive soap and all the things in their sensitive skin range 🙂

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Yeah it’s really brilliant, I think they have it in a few different scents, not just coconut. I’ve not tried that dove soap, though I used some of their body wash a while back but it wasn’t good for my skin unfortunately 🙂

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