Why I Don’t Wear Bras

It’s finally becoming more socially acceptable for women not to wear bras, but there’s still a massive stigma around it. Personally I know quite a few women who’d do it if they weren’t so afraid. So I’m going to tell you why I stopped wearing bras, and why I don’t care what people think!


They’re not comfortable!

No matter how much people try to tell me otherwise, I just can’t believe that bras are actually comfortable to wear daily. They’re often too tight or too small, and even well fitting bras are still a bit constricting. Then there’s underwiring….aka the actual devil. One time I had the wire come out and genuinely stab into my boob! no thanks!!


It’s freeing!

Being able to go out in summer in an airy shirt, not drowning in a pool of underboob sweat that my bra has created, is honestly a miracle!! Going braless means I can come home and just relax, rather than spending my day longing for the sweet relief of finally taking bra off.


Bras aren’t helpful

A lot of people think only those with small boobs can go braless…well that’s just untrue! I’m a 34E and I practically never wear them. A lot of women get back pain without wearing bras, but for me back pain is only ever really caused by wearing a bra, or bad posture.

My workouts don’t usually involve too much cardio so I still avoid bras for them, but on the very odd occasion that I’m going to do intense cardio then I’ll wear a sports bra.


Its not as scary as it seems

Yes, there will always be judgy people, but in England at least people tend to do to their judging silently. I’ve never once had someone comment on me being braless. If being judged is what’s holding you back, I say just go for it! People most likely will never bring it up, and unless your nipple is about to poke their eye out, they probably won’t even notice.


I never liked bras

I never liked bras. Whilst I did wear bras when I was younger, but by the time I was around 16 I pretty much only wore them for PE. By early 2016 I’d gone completely braless! At first the occasional nip-on did bother me and make me self-conscious, but you know what….no one cares.


Overall I’d say if you want to go braless, give it a go! It can be nerve wrecking at first but is definitely worth it in the long run.

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