Why I Quit Keto

The keto diet or lifestyle is where you eat almost no carbs, and a very high amount of fat. Once your body runs out of carbs it goes into ketosis and gets its energy from fat!  After following the keto diet/lifestyle for several weeks I’ve finally decided that it’s not for me!


1. It’s Expensive!

Keto is so bloody expensive, as it turns out most of the cheap foods out there are carbs. In fact, most of the foods in nearly every store are carbs. Eating a high amount of fat usually involves eating quite a lot of meat, fish, and fatty fruits like avocados. All of which are pretty expensive. As I’m a student living in the most expensive city in England….keto just isn’t affordable.
The price of keto is my main factor in not sticking with it, if I could afford to buy a ton of keto food then I would!


2. It’s Hard to Stick to

With most conventional diets you can just go back to them if you mess up, with keto you come out of ketosis if you eat too many carbs.  I did this on several days due to not being able to actually afford keto food. Whilst I still kept the carbs low it majorly fucked up my blood sugar and just wasn’t great. If you’re in keto then you have to stick to it very strictly, otherwise your body will change back to using carbs. For me that was very very quickly.


3. It’s Obsessive

To stick with keto you have to be fairly obsessive about it, which can go bad pretty quickly. I only went as far as to count macros, in order to figure out my carb intake. But many people will regularly check their blood sugar levels, track all macros, track their calories and more! My main aim for keto was to have more energy and balance out my sugar levels (which it did), I can’t imagine the stress of it if I was actually trying to measure every part of my diet.


4. Keto Flu

Keto flu usually occurs at the start of transitioning to the keto diet, your body is fighting to find any carbs in your system and so is pretty run down for a couple days. For some it lasts weeks, luckily I only had it for a few days but damn it’s awful! I was so exhausted for the whole two days it really didn’t deleted worth it. Now I’ve stopped keto I know going back to it would mean keto flu all over again.


5. It Wasn’t Fun

Keto was not a fun diet, in fact it was pretty love-hate for me. When it was going great I’d be full of energy and feel absolutely brilliant. But then I’d get cravings for sugar or even just a slice of toast! Or I’d not eat enough fat for the day and hoover up all the food in the fridge. I’ve never had strong cravings before so suddenly getting them was horrible.


As I transition out of keto I’m trying to find a low carb balance, currently just eating one meal with carbs throws me out of whack and makes me feel lethargic. That being said I’m so happy I tried keto, it’s massively changed my diet, I learnt so many cool recipes, and I’m going to stick to being low-carb…just not as extreme as keto!

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